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well look at that, haters using the paily anchors tag as well now h

great job kids.  nobody would listen about stop tagging paily anchors when talking about haters, or drawing attention about paily anchors to the haters and now they’ve started using the tag.  you all just couldn’t take your bickering out the anchors tag, this is just the beginning.  great job ruining what has been great for years for fans.

yes, i’m being a bit of a bitch here.  no it doesn’t happen often, most haven’t seen this side of me.  but this happens when people ruin something that has been a safe haven for fans.  

message me 3 celebrities and ill do this


(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

url: don’t get it | stupid | i like it | i love it | flawless | i want it

icon: blurry | wouldnt use it | change it | omg its perfect | definitely stealing

posts: dont want it on my dash | flawless | i reblog u all the time

sidebar: u dont have one | ugh | cute | love it | can i use it when ur done 

do i follow you: yes | now i do | no sorry

do i like your blog: its ok | duh | u run a flawless blog | ur blog is perfect

overall: /5

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