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Paige sat up, sweat soaking her shirt and hair after another nightmare.

“I love you, though. Em, you’ve helped me to become such a better person. Please.” Paige cried out.

Emily was retreating from her like she was on thin air. “We both know that I can’t stay. I love you, too, but I can’t hold you back. I won’t be the person to hold you from the dreams you’ve had forever. Please understand.”

Paige couldn’t run after her. Emily couldn’t, no, wouldn’t come back. It was what was best for everyone involved. At least that was what Emily had to keep telling herself to be able to walk away from Paige. To give her the life she deserved without Emily always holding her back. Always being a remind of those horrible years that Paige suffered, worrying about her girlfriend.

Paige walked home from the spot in the woods they met at. It was close to her house so she didn’t drive.

The lights came out of nowhere. The silhouette was one she knew well though.

“EMILY!”  She screamed so loud it threatened to break her chest. “EMILY GET OUT OF THE ROAD!” Paige kept shouting but when Emily turned her head to find Paige and run to her, it was too late. ‘A’ had won this war.

Paige ran her hands through her hair and didn’t bother to stifle the tears and small cries she let out.

“The dream again?” Amelia wrapped an arm around her wife and half picked Paige up and put her in her lap. Softly letting Paige know it was okay to cry when this  dream happened.

Some nights were better than others and Paige could handle the feelings and crying on her own. Other nights she needed Amelia’s touch, just to feel her wrapped arm around Paige’s shoulders helped to stop the freeze and heartbreak all over again. The images may never go away but what was stronger, Paige knew, was the love Paige felt still for Emily. So deep between them. Always and forever a bond between souls traveling through time to be together.



#lego man hair#I was like nooo! why does bad hair happen to attractive Lindsey Shaw#but like it was an awesome symbol#like severe hair all sharp edges and hard lines#but then her hair got softer when she was around Emily and they were dating and going to bars#and having picnics in the woods#and then she came out and her hair was awesome

hair game so strong it rivals Emily’s. I gotta slow clap this one.

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Anonymous asked:

I think shay is kinda depressed due to the fact that her boyfriend of 3 years and her have broken up. :)

 Break ups are never easy and Shay is a caring and wonderful person who deserves love.  I hope someday soon she can find a love that suits her like Troian found in Adam. <3


Anonymous asked:

Hi are you feeling better? And are you going to write and post the paige joins the army tonight 😊

I’m feeling alright tonight. I may start it. I’ll see how far I get before my meds knock me out. I can’t promise anything though. 

the glee/pll crossover is going to be a while. I have some family issues starting up as well so I might not be able to write much


i keep getting little random waves of anger.

well, it might not be that random since it happens every time i see something about the Halloween special.

and then she does this


and it makes me angrier cause she’s so amazing and perfect and why would you do that to her, let her not be a part of something for a show she’s been on for the same amount of time as the boys. it just doesn’t make sense. it’s so stupid.



i mean

what Halloween special?

It makes no sense in the fact that a TON of viewers only STAY bc Lindsey is still around. If they had killed her off or even had her written out, I’m not sure we would be the strong force of a fandom we are now. It is just heartbreaking to know that even Shay wants her around and doesn’t even get that for the days it’s supposed to include ALL of the cast. That doesn’t mean you can bring in Lucas and not Paige. That means ALL.
What lifts me is how Lindsey is doesn’t act hurt though you can see behind her tweet and know she really kinda is. One of the groundbreaking couple’s and her character alone have given hope and light to so many of us and it’s like they shun her and what Paige means to our community by keeping her out of the PLL Specials like this.

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